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In 1989, it begun when Dr.Looi vowed to destroy the Counter Warfare Virus, and did! As was it in 1991, did V-Buster reach the village of Storrington, England. Mr.Gareth Powell wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald, 1991, "Nomenclature.....this virus was not detected until it had galloped around the village like the flu. I was the first person to get zapped when my computer fell over and said the hard disk was no longer accessible...."

"Mr.Looi lives in Penang and is an expert on viruses and is incidently, a most senior and eminent citizen of Malaysia. He has written a program called V-Buster which is immensely powerful and checks everything, but everything on your hard disk. "

" then I carried V-Buster triumphantly around the houses and used it for mote removal from assorted machines....this is the christmas season"

The article was later picked up by the New Straits Times, January 9th, 1992 which wrote, "A Malaysian anti-virus software program has won rave reviews from an Australian newspaper for successfully detecting and destroying a virus program that defeated another virus killer. Two days before Christmas, The Sydney Morning Herald ran an article on how Dr.Looi Hoong Thoong's V-Buster literally saved a village from a pre-Christmas virus disaster"

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