Restoring a Virus Infected Hard Disk

Everyday I receive lots of emails from computer users on the easiest way to restore a virus infected hard disk or a hard disk where Windows 95 or 98 has crashed and Windows will not start. For a computer with crashed Windows, the only option most people know is to reinstall Windows and if this fails, to reformat the hard disk.

Cleaning infected files with an anti-virus program is usually not 100% successful as most viruses will intentionally or unintentionally damage some files. I use Windows 98 on a special hard disk for testing viruses and my Windows will always crash, sometimes many times a night. I have never reinstalled Windows or reformatted my hard disk due to Windows crashing or a viral infection. There is a very easy way to restore Windows without having to reinstall or reinformat the hard disk. I usually take less than 5 minutes to restore my Windows and all the files.

Follow these steps. They are useful if your Windows refuses to start or you have a bad virus infection in your hard disk:-

You will find that these steps are better than all the anti-virus programs in the World put together. You should also create a proper BOOT disk for use if your Windows crashes. The Windows Startup disk is NOT a proper BOOT disk. DOS 6.22 will be able to read a hard disk with a 16 bit FAT table.For a hard disk with a 32 bit FAT table you will have to prepare a DOS FOR WINDOWS 98 BOOT disk.

You can do this by following the following steps:-

To be honest, with CHKSUM.COM and the steps outlined above you do not really need any anti-virus program (and I will go bankrupt!). Even Worms will be detected by CHKSUM.COM as it will list out the addtional COM or EXE files added to a subdirectory. They will usually be WORMS or TROJANS unless you have added the files yourself.

Looi Hoong Thoong
Looi Software
25th January 1999

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