The V-Buster Antivirus Security System
By Looi May Li

The V-Buster Antivirus Security System recognises the need to provide a fullproof and effective form of protection to the peoples of the World. Targeting both developed and developing nations, V-Buster has been designed to ensure the safety and recovery of critical data, a significant factor to the successful progress of humanity. The system is developed for use for the individual citizen to the complex machinery of World governments and the military.

The V-Buster Vision

V-Buster was written with the vision of a World safe from the hazards of the computer virus, trojan, backdoor and worm, where technology is used for the advancement of the nations and the welfare of the people.

The Origin of V-Buster

When Dr.Looi was in the University of Adelaide he used to pass the computer room of the University everyday. The computer in those days filled up a huge room. Data was fed in by punch cards or perforated tapes. The output of the computer was in binary. He had always been fascinated by this monster of a computer.

When the first micro computer came out he was more fascinated. He eventually bought a Genie 2 for about RM2,000-00. It was a simple computer with 16K of memory and running at 2 mhz. It came with a simple BASIC interpreter. He used to write lots of programs in BASIC. The whole trouble was that the computer was so slow that the games were impossible to use . A space invader game written in BASIC and running on the Genie 2 looked not too bad but when you press a key to fire the laser, the laser would only fire a shot 30 seconds later. He realised that he would have to write his programs in assembler. A simple assembler costs many hundreds of dollars. In those days there was no such thing as getting a copy from a shop or from a friend. This was where he started to learn how to program in machine code and to read machine code. Without an assembler he had no choice but to learn how to read machine code.

Many years later he upgraded to a compatible Apple 2 and later to the IBM compatible computer. Sometime in 1987 when he was in a computer shop, one of the employees showed him 2 diskettes he said contained viruses. One contained the Brain and other the Denzuko virus. Out of curiosity he took copies of the diskette and took them home. He was playing around with the viruses and a few days later found that lots of his diskettes had either the Brain or the Denzuko. He had no choice but to write a simple program to replace the Boot Sectors of the infected diskettes.The Brain and Denzuko are not really problems as they do not infect hard disks. He did not sell the program but gave them to friends who encountered the occasional infection.

What made him take an anti-virus program seriously was the Counter Warfare virus. The programmer of this virus obviously did not understand the format of a hard disk partition table. On bootup the virus will try to replace the partition table of the hard disk and in the process makes the hard disk inaccessible. He had to get cracking and come out with a better anti-virus program, one that not only detected the Counter Warfare but one that could do something to repair the partition table. In those days he did not have the knowledge to repair a partition table. The only thing he could do was to include a feature that allowed a person to save a copy of the partition table which could be used to replace a damaged one.

When he wrote his first anti-virus program, McAfee and Dr.Solomon also started at roughly the same time. Dr.Looi started selling his anti-virus program in 1990, his being the first Asian program to be sold overseas. V-Buster was first sold at IRM Computers Sdn. Bhd. in KOMTAR, Penang at only RM12-00 per copy. V-Buster has progressed tremendously since it first started into a system internationally recognised by millions of users throughout the World.

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