The NetSky Worm is a mass-mailer. It spreads by copying itself to all directories named "Share" or "Sharing", under the name doom2.doc.pif,, winxp_crack.exe, dolly_buster.jpg.pif, strippoker.exe, photoshop 9 crack.exe, matrix.scr, hardcore pron.jpg.exe, angelis.pif, pornon.scr, office_crack.exe, serial.txt.exe, cool screensaver,scr, nero7.exe, virii.scr, eminem-lick my pussy.mp3.pif, max payne 2.crack.exe, programming.basics.doc.exe, how to hack.doc.exe, win longhorn.doc.exe, dictionary.doc.exe, rfc compilation.doc.exe, sex sex sex sex.doc.exe"

The attachment name will be selected by random and can be zip files or have double extensions.

The subject will be one of the following: hi, warning, unknown, fake, stolen, information, something for you, read it immediately, hello"


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